Our Story

Launched in 2016, Adel Metni Foundation is the leading non-profit organization in Lebanon & the MENA region to work on road safety education, defensive driving training & sustainable mobility projects.

Partnering with multiple stakeholders in both public & private sectors, we were successfully able to deliver innovative programs ranging from local empowerment for road safety (LERS™) to helping young drivers acquire proactive & safe driving skills, to media strategies & many more.

Our Mission

Following the dramatic explosion that occurred on the 4th of August 2020 at the port of the city of Beirut, which has sadly resulted in 180+ deaths up till now, 7000+ injuries & more than 300,000 homeless people, in addition to billions of dollars related to property damages (buildings, vehicles, streets…), we decided as AMF to launch “LIBEYROUTH®” initiative aiming to gather funds to support families & individuals in need.

Goal of LIBEYROUTH® initiative

Arising from our strong belief in working for a safer & sustainable country, and whereas support is urgently needed from all sectors & individuals, and although many NGOs are currently offering support on different levels ranging from food to medical backing, to reconstruction etc...

LIBEYROUTH® initiative aims to provide support strictly related to the Mobility segment. To prevent duplication of similar donations being already provided, and in the objective of covering the widest range of needs & requests, we believe that currently, affected people have the ultimate right for an alternative, decent & safe transportation.

Many vehicles were extremely damaged during the explosion, and therefore many families and individuals were left without transportation. Awaiting the process of compensation and repairs, LIBEYROUTH® initiative will be supporting who are in need, by gathering donations and support to provide alternative transportations such as car rentals and taxis, in addition to a designated financial amount covering logistical expenses.

How the Funds will be allocated?

LIBEYROUTH® initiative aims, on the first phase, to cover support for families & individuals in need, around Beirut.

Based on official reports communicated by mayors of Beirut area, funds will be distributed in one of the following packages:



Car Rental Voucher per Family or Individual
*Selection from a specific range of cars based on needs assessment
*Rentals can be extended or renewable based on each case

500,000 LBP

Equal Cash Amount per Family or Individual
*Covering logistics

100,000 LBP

Special Support package by:Halal Rent a Car



Taxi Voucher per Family or Individual
*Covering all types of taxis

300,000 LBP

Equal Cash Amount per Family or Individual
*Covering logistics

50,000 LBP

Special Support package by:Allo Taxi

Donate Now

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